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What is the HealthVault Connecor?

The HealthVault Connector is an very easy way to connect every application to HealthVault. It uses the Microsoft HealthVault Windows Phone 7 Library and is the best way to include HealthVault in your application without any foreknowlage and much efford.

  • Easy way to connect an application to the Microsoft HealthVault Platform
  • Work with pre-defined classes for the most common data-types
  • Communicate easily with HealthVault and get or set values through the Connector


Assumed Tasks

The HealthVault Connector is an ideal Plugin if you do not want to spend much time on learning how to communicate with the HealthVault Platform or how to get acces to Userdata and HealthInformation.
The Connector can assume important tasks for you like:

  • Authentication at HealthVault
  • User Login
  • Requesting Health Information
  • Writing Data to HealthVault
  • XML-Parsing to own data types
  • Saving Login Information
  • Auto Login to HealthVault


Integration and Customization

The Connector is completely designed in Metro Design and you can integrate the Plugin whereever you want. You have the possibility to design own modules for the HealthVault Connector sothat you can integrate it very well in your application and design.

Panorama of HealthVault Connector Integration


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